by Daniel M. Dobkin
(with help from Amelia and Nicholas Dobkin)

Not The Real Mary Anning

Science tries to answer deep questions about the real world. Questions like

What was the most indecisive ancestral human species?
What rodents are made of fish eggs?
How do you refer to embedded code included in an email?
What's a wire's favorite comic strip?
What's the past tense of IC?
What is the wavelength of a sheep?
What can trap charged particles and hold up your pants?
What did the stone column say to the support beam?
What's a printer's favorite country music title?
Why does an amplifier oscillate when you try to sell it at Apple HQ in Cupertino?

do not qualify. But you can find them all, with answers of varying absurdity, in She Sells C Shells by the Seashore, along with hundreds of other mostly-science-based jokes, poems, and reflections. Now available as an e-book or paperback on Amazon.